Annular cutter machining range

Annular cutters are available in different sizes generally starting from diameter 12 mm (1/2’’) to 200 mm (7 7/8’’) and larger if required. The length of the annular cutter can be achieved depending upon the thickness of the material to be drilled. In the market the lengths 30 mm, 55 mm, 75 and 110 mm annular cutters are popularly available. These sizes though vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The annular cutter’s material should be harder than the material to be drilled. Therefore there are various types of material used to manufacture annular cutters, for example different types HSS and TCT material. Annular cutters are also called as core drills because, after drilling hole, the drilled material is ejected from the cutter in the form of a cylindrical blank, this blank is called a core.

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